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The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Most people desire a perfect smile because it makes them look and feel better about themselves. Certainly, boosting your confidence and outward appearance are perks of having straight teeth, but there are other reasons to consider orthodontic treatment. Properly aligned teeth can positively impact your oral health as well as create whole-mouth harmony.

Although straight teeth do look fantastic, they also promote optimal oral health. Crooked teeth are actually harder to keep clean, which can lead to problems such as gum disease or tooth decay. Less plaque and tartar build up when you have straight teeth, so patients can actually get between the teeth to take care of them. Correcting issues of crowding makes brushing and flossing easier, so you can enjoy a truly healthy smile.

Other side effects of untreated orthodontic issues can include abnormal wear of teeth surfaces, inefficient chewing, and excessive strain on supporting tissues. Misalignment of the jaw joints can also occur, which can result in headaches, neck pain, and other symptoms of TMJ disorder. Treating the orthodontic problem can cost less money, time, and discomfort than having to repair long-term damage to your mouth.

If you think you or a loved one might need orthodontic treatment, contact your orthodontist for a consultation appointment. At this time, the doctor can take X-rays, examine your whole mouth, and review the treatment options. Because of advances in orthodontics, patient have a variety of choices to straighten their teeth, including clear brackets, self-ligating brackets, and Invisalign clear aligners for adults or older teen patients.

We love creating beautiful, healthy smiles at our Sherman Oaks, CA orthodontic practice – Mehdi Fotovat, DDS.

Changing Your Smile with Invisible Braces

Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth, so that’s why you see many people wearing braces to correct their smiles. But did you know there are lots more people who wear braces then you realize? New technologies provide orthodontic treatment that you can’t even see without close examination, and the results are just as good as wearing traditional braces.

Why should I get braces?
The most obvious answer to this question is to correct crooked teeth. Braces are more than teeth straightening though. Jaw misalignment is another main reason for braces. There are also side effects of misplaced or overlapping teeth, such as speech difficulties, facial changes, malocclusion, difficulty eating, and tooth decay because you can’t adequately clean all areas of your teeth. A bad bite may cause your teeth to chip or break, and result in pain and headaches associated with temporomandibular joint disorder. Good orthodontic treatment can treat all of these issues.

Are there different kinds?
The traditional metal kind of braces has been around the longest. These involve metal wires pushing your teeth, along with brackets that attach to each tooth. Sometimes rubber bands and other appliances are needed as well. A newer type of braces is the invisible ones that are made of clear plastic. These removable aligner trays move your teeth without having the same aesthetic impacts on your smile during treatment.

What are the benefits of invisible braces?
The near invisibility of clear braces is the reason many patients choose them. Here are some additional reasons that they are popular:

  • Comfortable and lightweight with no wires that might poke you
  • Convenient to take in and out
  • Allows normal brushing and flossing
  • No diet restrictions

Visit an orthodontist for Invisalign – Dr. Fotovat is premier preferred provider of Invisalign to patient from Burbank and the surrounding area.

Age Doesn’t Matter for your Smile

If you think you’ll be the only parent wearing braces on your teeth at the same time as your teenagers, think again. One out of every five patients wearing braces is an adult. Advances in orthodontic treatment have allowed wearing braces as an adult to become an appealing and realistic option. It’s not too late to change your smile so that you look and feel your best.

Do braces work for adults?
Braces can be successful on patients of all ages. The process of moving your teeth into more healthy and attractive positions is the same whether you’re 15 or 50. There’s still time to correct problems that may have been bothering you for many years, including crooked or crowded teeth, an overbite or underbite, or jaw issues.

Where do I start?
The first step is to schedule an appointment with a reputable orthodontist in your area. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. During your initial appointment, the orthodontist will usually assess your oral health, discuss treatment options, and answer your questions. Cost and insurance issues will be addressed, and initial photos, x-rays, and impressions might be taken if you choose to pursue treatment.

What are the benefits of adult braces?
Enhancing your smile through orthodontic work can improve you appearance, self-esteem, and your oral health. There are many options available today so that you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle the best. Braces are more comfortable, effective, and inconspicuous than ever before. If straightening your teeth has been your dream for a long time, consider making it a reality because age doesn’t matter.

If you need braces for your child in the Sherman Oak, CA area, contact Dr. Fotovat to schedule a consultation.

Moms for Mouth Guards Promotes Safety in Sports

Each year, more than seven million sports and recreation-related injuries are sustained by individuals from ages 5 to 24. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that anyone participating in group or recreational sports activities protect their faces and mouths by wearing a mouth guard. Now, Moms for Mouth Guards is teaming up with the AAO to encourage other mothers to pledge their support for keeping their athletes safe on the field.

Currently, the AAO data suggest that over 67 percent of parents don’t make their kids wear mouth guards even though mouth guards have been proven to cut down on the seriousness of injuries players sustain. Moms for Mouth Guards hopes to spread the word to parents, coaches, and players about the long-term impact a facial or jaw injury can have on an individual. Wearing a mouth guard can cut down on trips to the emergency room and a lifetime of pain.

When selecting a mouth guard for your child, you have several store-bought options, but a custom mouth guard will provide the best protection. Your orthodontist will take molds of your child’s teeth and send those models to a dental lab so that skilled technicians can produce the individualized appliance. At the follow up visit, your doctor can check the fit of the mouth guard and explain usage as well as cleaning instructions.

Visit Dr. Fotovats Orthodontics office in Sherman Oaks to learn more about mouth guards for your braces.

Avoiding Gum Disease While Wearing Braces

While braces are a fantastic way to achieve a beautiful and perfectly aligned smile, they also can create difficulties in keeping your mouth completely clean and healthy. It can be tricky to clean effectively around the metal wires and brackets, and if you don’t realize the importance of maintaining a clean mouth, you may be destined for developing gum disease while you are wearing braces.

The best way to keep your mouth clean is to brush and floss regularly. While wearing braces, this often means several times a day for the best results. When you eat, the food gets caught in the wires and brackets that are part of your braces. Without brushing and flossing the trapped food away, it remains trapped and collects bacteria. This means that the bacteria combines with the acid in your mouth and can begin attacking your teeth and gums.

The more plaque and bacteria that attacks your gums, the greater your risk of developing gum disease. It starts out in the minor stages as gingivitis, but if left untreated will advance to periodontitis. If gum disease reaches this advanced stage, tooth loss can result. Your orthodontic treatment won’t be worth it if you end up losing your teeth!

Instead of fighting the battle of trying to regain healthy gums once you’ve developed gum disease, the better approach is to combat it in the first place. This means making time to brush and floss your teeth so that your mouth is kept clean. You’ll end up with a healthy mouth and an attractive smile, which was the goal of wearing braces in the first place.

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