Your 1st Visit

Our team loves meeting new people and making new patients feel right at home.  To help you relax, we want you to know exactly what to expect on your first visit to our office.  We understand that today’s families have busy schedules and multiple activities, so we will make sure that your appointment is as informative and helpful as possible.  By the end of the initial consultation, Dr. Fotovat and our office team will make sure you know:

  • Whether or not the patient needs orthodontic treatment
  • Available treatment options
  • How long treatment will take
  • Estimated treatment costs

When you first arrive, our receptionists will offer a friendly greeting and then begin your new patient orientation. Before your visit, please fill out the New Patient Form, which is available on our Web site or in the packet you received.  By completing the form prior to your appointment, we can begin your first visit without delay.

After we take your paperwork, our treatment coordinator will give you a brief tour of the office.  She will then bring you to the consultation room and introduce Dr. Fotovat.  The doctor will perform a complete clinical examination of the new patient’s facial and dental structures.  Dr. Fotovat will explain any orthodontic problems that he sees and different treatment options that will work.  He will also identify the estimated length of treatment and make recommendations as to when therapy should begin.  Once the doctor completes his examination, he can answer any questions you have about the orthodontic issues or treatment plan. The treatment coordinator will go over the doctor’s recommendations, answer any other questions, and review the fees and available payment options before you leave.