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Moms for Mouth Guards Promotes Safety in Sports

Each year, more than seven million sports and recreation-related injuries are sustained by individuals from ages 5 to 24. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that anyone participating in group or recreational sports activities protect their faces and mouths by wearing a mouth guard. Now, Moms for Mouth Guards is teaming up with the AAO to encourage other mothers to pledge their support for keeping their athletes safe on the field.

Currently, the AAO data suggest that over 67 percent of parents don’t make their kids wear mouth guards even though mouth guards have been proven to cut down on the seriousness of injuries players sustain. Moms for Mouth Guards hopes to spread the word to parents, coaches, and players about the long-term impact a facial or jaw injury can have on an individual. Wearing a mouth guard can cut down on trips to the emergency room and a lifetime of pain.

When selecting a mouth guard for your child, you have several store-bought options, but a custom mouth guard will provide the best protection. Your orthodontist will take molds of your child’s teeth and send those models to a dental lab so that skilled technicians can produce the individualized appliance. At the follow up visit, your doctor can check the fit of the mouth guard and explain usage as well as cleaning instructions.

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Mouth Guards Protect Summer Smiles

For many people, enjoying the warm weather involves touch football, bike riding, or other summer activities. While it’s great to have a good time, you need to preserve your smile as you participate in the fun. Approximately 40 percent of all sports injuries involve the face. Wearing a mouth guard can ensure that you don’t hurt your teeth and gums if an accident occurs. In fact, a mouth guard can reduce the risk of concussion by 50 percent.

Who needs a mouth guard?
Anyone who is involved in sports that could result in contact should purchase a mouth guard, including soccer, hockey, football, and basketball. Even non-contact activities such as skateboarding, horseback riding, and mountain biking could result in injury to your face or mouth, so you may want to consider a mouth guard as well.

Can adults wear mouth guards?
Absolutely. Whether you play on the community softball team or just like to throw the football with the neighbors, you are never too old to protect your smile.

What are the options for a mouth guard?
If you decide to look into getting a mouth guard, you have several choices. Inexpensive and available at any sporting goods store, pre-made mouth guards can be bulky and may not fit correctly. Boil-and-bite mouth guards are designed to conform to your teeth after you place them in scalding, hot water. Most dentists and orthodontists recommend custom mouth guards, which are created from molds of your mouth. Custom mouth guards offer the best protection.

Can I wear a mouth guard with braces?
Yes. During orthodontic treatment, you still need to worry about your mouth if you play sports. Because of the braces, you will need to wear a non-fitted mouth guard so that the appliance doesn’t damage your orthodontia.

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Sports and Mouth Guards

Whether you are a recreational athlete or a member of an organized team, injuries are possible. Wearing protective equipment will help you be able to focus on the activity instead of worrying about getting hurt. This is especially true of your mouth, because your teeth and gums are at risk of harm from many types of sports. Wearing a mouth guard is the best way to protect yourself.

Experts report that wearing mouth guards lowers the number of mouth injuries dramatically. There are several types of mouth guards available, and the type of guard affects the level of protection provided. Here are the main kinds of mouth guards with a description of each.

The simplest type of mouth guard is ready-made, meaning that it may be worn right out of the package without any alterations. It is inexpensive and available at most sporting goods stores. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t provide much protection and can be uncomfortable. It may be difficult to talk and breathe while wearing it.

Boil and bite
One step up among mouth guards is the boil and bite version, which you boil to make it pliable and then place it inside your mouth to fit it to your own teeth structure. It provides average protection and the fit is not exact.

The best kind of mouth guard is customized to fit your mouth exactly. A dentist creates the mouth guard by making an impression of your teeth. This model provides great protection and is the most comfortable, and doesn’t cause speech or breathing difficulties. Although it’s the most expensive choice, it is also the best for your safety.

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