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  • Braces can straighten teeth and transform your smile. After orthodontic treatment, however, patients need to wear their retainers to stop teeth from shifting out of place. Forgetting to wear that retainer may result in movement and the potential need for more therapy. A spring retainer can help correct the position of your teeth, saving the hassle and expense of additional time in braces.

    Made of a wire and acrylic frame, the spring retainer extends from cuspid to cuspid and forces the front teeth back into place. Spring retainers work well at fixing the shift that results when patients haven’t worn their original retainers as directed by their orthodontist. Even adults who stopped wearing their retainers years ago may benefit from therapy with a spring retainer.

    Though spring retainers can cause movement, these oral appliances aren’t miracle workers. Ideally, a spring retainer will move your teeth one to two mm and should only be used for minor adjustments. Spring retainers won’t work for root or jaw movement, and these devices don’t help severely crooked teeth. Usually, spring retainers focus on the four front teeth, but they can be adjusted to encompass more of your smile.

    Treatment time with a spring retainer only lasts about six months. Once the teeth have moved back into place, you will need to wear the spring retainer at night for a certain period of time to preserve the desired results. To determine if you could benefit from use of a spring retainer, contact Mehdi Fotovat, DDS in Sherman Oaks, CA. After a thorough exam, the orthodontist can make a detailed recommendation for treatment.

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    5445 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

    Valley Village, CA 91607

    (818) 980-5300

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