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  • In the advanced world of orthodontics, new technologies have joined traditional braces on the stage for improving smiles. If you’re considering orthodontics, it’s smart to investigate the different options to see what’s right for you. One of the choices is called In-Ovation metal braces.

    In-Ovation is a cutting-edge system that gives you the smile you’ve dreamed of having. In a grouping called self-litigating braces, they avoid the use of uncomfortable ties or elastics. In-Ovation metal braces use metal brackets, and they have a special clip that holds the wire to the bracket instead of using a rubber tie like traditional braces. The clip enables the archwire to guide the teeth into better positions. This metal-to-metal characteristic reduces friction with tooth movement, allowing for faster movement with less discomfort.

    Because there are few wires and they don’t require adjusting like traditional braces, there are fewer appointments with the orthodontist. Patients only need to go into the office every 8 to 14 weeks, a great benefit for those with busy schedules. There are less demands for missing school or work due to braces adjustments.

    Many patients also appreciate the look of In-Ovation metal braces. They have a lower profile than other self-litigating options. Not only does that mean they look better in your smile during treatment, you also eliminate the common problems associated with other braces of keeping them clean. They are easier to clean around and these braces produce less plaque buildup.

    With faster results than traditional orthodontics, most patients can expect to complete treatment with In-Ovation metal braces in less than eighteen months. Also, this technology doesn’t just focus on straightening the teeth; your orthodontist also can achieve optimum facial proportion during the final phase of treatment. You’ll be thrilled with your whole new look by the end of treatment.

    A healthy, attractive smile has never been simpler or less painful. The unique design of In-Ovation metal braces uses a free-sliding technology that places very little pressure on your teeth. Faster, more comfortable treatment is within your reach if you choose In-Ovation metal braces.

    Dr. Fotovat treats patients from Sherman Oaks and the surround area with In-Ovation metal braces. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

    Mehdi Fotovat, D.D.S.


    5445 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

    Valley Village, CA 91607

    (818) 980-5300

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