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You may have noticed more and more adults you know are sporting braces on their teeth. In fact, there has been a dramatic rise during the past two decades in the popularity of adults enhancing their smiles with orthodontic treatment. There are a number of unique advantages that patients have for choosing braces later in life.

Getting braces as an adult is a choice. Many youth who wear braces don’t have much say in the decision; parents choose to get braces for their children. On the other hand, adults may decide to get braces for the first time because they never had the opportunity as a child. Or some adults are undergoing a second round of treatment because they were negligent about following recommended guidelines after braces. Either way, adults who choose to get braces do not take the decision lightly.

For one thing, braces are a considerable investment of both time and money. Adults must take time off their jobs or busy schedules to visit the orthodontist. And most grownups no longer get to rely on their parents to pay for braces, so paying for it themselves can make a patient more committed to the process.

Adults tend to be more compliant in following the instructions while wearing braces. Certain foods can put you at increased risk for damaging your appliances, so adults are often more able to steer clear of restricted foods than kids. Adults also understand the negative effects that certain habits can have on teeth, such as smoking or eating sugar.

Adults take the time to care for their smile. That means brushing carefully after each meal to remove food particles from the braces, and even using special tools like orthodontic brushes or floss threaders. After braces are removed, adults usually follow through on the advice to wear retainers for the recommended time and are diligent about keeping up with appliances.

Getting braces as an adult is a great way to improve your smile so that you’ll be happy with it the rest of your life, and feel better about yourself in the process.

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