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Finding the Bright Side of Wearing Braces

One of the best ways to achieve a perfect smile is by wearing braces, but it doesn’t come without a few hassles. Once you see your issues like overcrowded teeth, gaps, bite misalignment, and more are gone, the end result is worth it. In the meantime, look for the bright side of wearing braces! Follow these guidelines for making your time in braces as successful as possible.

Don’t stress out about the initial part of the process when the orthodontist makes molds of your teeth. Some patients hate this part and worry about gagging. Most people have the same reaction, so don’t feel self-conscious about it. Avoid eating right before your appointment so that food will be less likely to come up. Brush your teeth well before and after the appointment.

Your orthodontist will provide a list of foods that you shouldn’t eat while you’re in braces. Remember that you won’t be without your popcorn or favorite candy forever; it’ll be worth the wait when you get to eat those treats again using your perfectly straight teeth! Look at the restrictions as a chance to try different foods and maybe even eat a little healthier.

Speaking of foods, indulge in your favorite cold treats after your appointments to get your braces adjusted or tightened. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but having a yummy milkshake or ice cream cone will help ease the pain. Braces provide a great excuse for a trip to the ice cream shop.

If fashion is your thing, have fun with the elastics that go with your braces if your treatment involves them. Orthodontists offer a variety of color choices, so express your style when selecting your elastics. Every month can be a new adventure for your smile.

It may be a bummer to wear braces for a couple of years, but you can improve the experience by making the most of it. Keep your mind focused on how happy you’ll be in the end.

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Relieving Common Discomforts Caused by Wearing Braces

If you or your child has recently had braces applied, you might be discovering that braces can have some uncomfortable side effects, such as sores or ulcers on the lips and tongue, pain in the teeth, jaw or neck, headaches and more.

If you’re dealing with discomfort following the application or adjustment of your braces, maybe some of these tips will help you.

The brackets of your braces can be rough, especially at first, before your mouth has adjusted. These rough edges can affect your cheeks, lips and tongue, leaving painful sores or ulcers. Some bands can have extra prongs for rubber bands or orthodontic attachments. Fortunately, specialized wax for braces is available through your orthodontist or in some drug stores. Take a small ball of wax, about the size of a large pea, and apply it to a dry bracket. The wax will stick and provide a smooth barrier between the soft tissues of your mouth and the rough bracket.

Sometimes patients experience pain in the jaw that can spread to the neck. This tension can be caused by being in the dental chair with an open mouth for extended periods of time. Stretching gently after application or adjustment can relieve this muscle tension.

Pain in the teeth is extremely common in braces patients. As the teeth move, they can be sore, especially in the first three days following application or adjustment. You can help relieve this pain utilizing ibuprofen or other over-the-counter analgesics with anti-inflammatory properties. Headaches and muscle pains can also be addressed with ibuprofen.

If you are experiencing discomfort following braces application or adjustment, talk to your orthodontist. Learn about these and all the other ways that are recommended to address your comfort issues.

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