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Reducing Soreness After Getting Braces

It can be uncomfortable after getting braces for the first time or after adjustments. Whenever you experience soreness, there are some things you can do to help ease your discomfort.

Soft foods
Eat foods that are soft, like bananas, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and soup. Avoid hard, chewy, or sticky foods until the pain subsides and you can reintroduce those items.

Cold drinks
Drink beverages that are chilled as cold as you can enjoy, because it can soothe aching gums and nerves. Cold drinks can give your mouth a bit of a numb feeling. Popsicles and ice cream are other good choices to freeze your mouth a bit.

Dental wax
Your orthodontist will provide you with wax designed to help eliminate friction between your braces and mouth, which can cause painful cuts or sores. If you develop an irritated area, roll a small bit of wax into a ball and place it on the wire or bracket that is bothering you. This gives your mouth time to heal and form a callus that protects that area.

Oral anesthetic
Try using an over-the-counter anesthetic such as Orajel to temporarily relieve your discomfort. Ask your orthodontist before you apply medication, and follow the packaging directions.

Salt water
An effective remedy that helps relieve soreness is rinsing with salt water. Add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water, stir it until it dissolves, and then rinse with this mixture a few times a day.

Pain relievers
Over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can help with the pain of braces. Ibuprofen also reduces inflammation, which can be an added bonus. Follow the package directions for taking any medications.


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Dispelling Common Orthodontic Myths

Starting orthodontic treatment can seem a little daunting. Understanding what is involved in having braces may help ease your mind. The following information will help you separate fact from fiction about what to expect from orthodontic therapy.

Myth: Getting braces will hurt.
Truth: You may experience mild soreness after the orthodontist places your braces, but this should subside after the first few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help with any discomfort.

Myth: I can’t play an instrument or participate in sports if I have braces.
Truth: Although you may have to get used to how your flute or clarinet feels with braces, you can continue to play your instrument during orthodontic treatment. The same goes for sports, but you need to speak with your orthodontist about a mouth guard. This soft, plastic device covers teeth and protects against injury.

Myth: After I get my braces off, my teeth will stay straight forever.
Truth: Once you finish with the active treatment phase, you will need to wear a retainer to keep teeth in their new position. Your orthodontist will fit you for the custom appliance and provide instructions for use. Often, patients start out wearing their retainers most of the day, but many move to a night-time schedule over time.

Myth: I’m too old for braces.
Truth: You can enjoy a beautiful, straight smile at any age. In fact, roughly 20 percent of orthodontic patients are 18 years or older. With options such as ceramic brackets, lingual braces, and Invisalign clear aligners, adult patients can preserve their mature images while achieving the sensational smiles they desire.

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Am I Too Old for Braces?

Look around and you’ll see that orthodontic treatment has grown in popularity among adults. Research shows that the number of adults wearing braces is up 24 percent since 1996. With advances in technology and teeth straightening methods, adults have realized that orthodontics can improve their smile without negatively impacting their appearance or lifestyle that much during the process.

Some of the most frequent reasons that adults seek orthodontic treatment are:
•    Crowded teeth or gapped teeth, sometimes from tooth decay or gum disease that has occurred over the years
•    Misaligned bite that makes teeth fit together improperly
•    Crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw that causes pain or pressure

The bottom line is that most adults seek a healthy mouth and attractive smile. Sometimes, adults choose orthodontic treatment to help them in the workplace because they feel a nice appearance can help them achieve their goals. Adults also really appreciate the benefits of an attractive smile, and are willing to focus on their dental hygiene both during and after treatment. Also, if you’re paying for treatment yourself, you’re more likely to take it seriously.

Some adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment for the second time, having worn braces as a teenager but perhaps not following through with the maintenance such as wearing the retainer. Others never received treatment to address problems like overbites or underbites, crowded or crooked teeth, jaw misalignment, or jaw disorders. Without treatment, these issues can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, painful earaches and headaches. Speaking and eating problems can also result.

Advances in orthodontics allow treatment with less impacts on your lifestyle than in years past. Now there are more options besides traditional metal braces. Clear braces such as Invisalign are very popular, since they are removable and less noticeable. If you’re considering getting the smile you’ve always dreamed of, consult your dentist or orthodontist to learn more about how to achieve your goals.

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