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Invisalign Teen: An Invisible Solution

The latest innovation in orthodontics may give your teenager a reason to smile. The Invisalign method has added Invisalign Teen to their group of products, which uses the system of a series of clear plastic aligners to adjust teeth but adds a few features that appeal especially to teens.

Invisalign treats the same problems that traditional braces address, such as teeth crowding, gaps and bite issues. Instead of using the well-known metal wires and brackets, Invisalign uses customized aligner trays. An orthodontist who is trained and certified in the Invisalign method takes pictures and impressions of the teeth. 3D technology simulates tooth movements from the start to end of treatment. This creates the basis for aligners to be developed unique to each patient.

The average treatment duration lasts about one year. During that time, your teen will need to wear the aligners daily for 20-22 hours. The trays are removed for eating and cleaning, which means there are no diet limitations and no difficulties performing oral hygiene tasks. They can also be removed when playing sports or musical instruments, or even for special occasions like prom or school photos.

Every two weeks or so, the aligners need to be exchanged for a new set in the series. Here’s one area where Invisalign Teen comes in handy. There is a Blue Dot Wear Indicator which fades when the aligner needs to be changed. Your teen can easily see when it’s time for a new tray. This also allows the orthodontist to tell if your teen isn’t complying to the wear guidelines. If your teen loses an aligner, six free replacements are included in the process.

Another feature of Invisalign Teen is that the aligners have Eruption Tabs to accommodate the second molars. It doesn’t matter whether or not your teen’s molars have erupted yet, because Invisalign Teen takes that into account.

Invisalign Teen works continuously to straighten your teenager’s teeth and move them into better positions for a beautiful smile. The invisible design removes the stigma of traditional metal braces, and allows teens to maintain their active lifestyles without hindering their eating or hygiene routines. Invisalign Teen provides the ideal way for your teen to keep smiling throughout orthodontic treatment.

Tips for a Successful Braces Journey

Wearing braces on your teeth is a step toward improving your appearance and self-esteem for the rest of your life. A straight, appealing smile is the goal, but you must care for your braces and follow your orthodontist’s instructions during treatment to achieve that goal.

Follow these tips for a successful braces journey.

Not surprisingly, you must properly and consistently perform oral hygiene tasks. Your teeth are even more susceptible to plaque buildup and bacteria attacks when you’re wearing braces. Food can easily become trapped in the wires and brackets, and it can be difficult to remove debris. Try to carry a soft-bristled toothbrush with you so that you can stop by the bathroom after eating to clean your braces and teeth. Always rinse thoroughly with water to dislodge food, and brush gently from various angles.

Even though it can be tricky, don’t neglect flossing. Thread the floss between your teeth and wires, and gently work the floss between the braces and teeth. Try using a threader available at drugstores to insert the floss more easily. Your orthodontist may also recommend rinsing with mouthwash daily to fight bacteria.

Always stick to the diet that your orthodontist provides. Do not eat the foods that are known to damage braces, such as popcorn or hard candies or sticky caramel. Items on the list are common culprits for breaking your brackets or wires. It’s best to consider every food before you eat it so that you avoid items that may damage your braces. In some cases, you can simply cut the food into smaller pieces and still be able to eat it.

You may also be warned against consuming too many starchy or sugary foods and drinks, which promote decay and gum disease. Also, break potentially harmful habits like chewing ice or knawing on pencils. Another way to protect your braces is to wear a mouth guard when engaging in sports or other physical activities. A customized mouth guard is the best option for protecting your smile.

Following these guidelines will help your teeth remain clean and healthy while undergoing treatment, so that your smile is in tip-top shape when the braces are removed.

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