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  • Choosing orthodontic treatment for yourself or a loved one is a big decision. Before taking this step, you need to gather detailed information about what this process entails. Getting answers to your questions will help you determine the best treatment and find an orthodontist you can trust to create a flawless smile.

    Consider talking about these questions with your orthodontist:

    Does having braces hurt?
    Many kids, and adults, worry that traditional braces cause pain. While, you may experience some initial discomfort, your mouth will get used to the brackets. Your orthodontist can make recommendations to help during the adjustment period.

    How long will treatment last?
    Though the answer is often dependent on the severity of the problem and the compliance of the patient, your orthodontist should be able to provide an estimated time frame.

    Are there different types of orthodontic treatment?
    After evaluating your mouth, your orthodontist will explain the available options. Depending on your age and the issue you want to correct, your doctor may suggest traditional braces, ceramic brackets, or clear aligners for older teen and adults patients.

    Do I have to change my diet?
    During orthodontic treatment, you need to protect your braces from damage, so stay away from sticky or hard substances. Ask your orthodontist for a list of foods and snacks to avoid.

    Will my teeth shift after the braces come off?
    Once you complete the active stage of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain those results. To protect your new smile, the orthodontist will create custom appliances and then review the amount of time you need to wear the retainers.

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