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Getting braces is an exciting step toward having the best smile possible. It can fix problems with bite alignment, as well as addressing gaps between teeth or overcrowded teeth.

Before you get braces, you will need a full dental check-up. Your dentist will look for signs of decay or gum disease, and your teeth will receive a thorough cleaning. Photographs, impressions and x-rays will be taken for your orthodontist to study your teeth. At times, permanent teeth are extracted due to overcrowding on the jaw, allowing room for the remaining teeth to line up perfectly.

In the weeks before your braces are applied, you will want to enjoy some foods you will have to avoid in the immediate time following the application of your braces. Eat hard or chewy foods now, as eating them in the days following your application will cause discomfort.

Be sure to brush your teeth and to floss thoroughly the day your braces are to be applied. Having a clean mouth will allow your orthodontist to work more quickly and efficiently.

Keep a positive outlook! Focus on the appealing results to come for your teeth and smile. If you are experiencing severe anxiety, talk to your orthodontist about sedation dentistry options available to you. Many times, a mild oral sedative taken an hour before your procedure can help your mind be at peace while your orthodontist works.

Applying braces takes time. Be patient as your orthodontist works. Many offices have music or movies to help you pass the time. Ask what patient comforts are available for you.

Once your braces are applied, you will feel some discomfort as your teeth adjust. It can be painful to eat or drink. Plan ahead by acquiring anti-inflammatory pain medicines. Have plenty of soft foods and tepid liquids prepared to consume so you don’t have to worry about cooking when you’re not feeling well. The braces may irritate your tongue or cheeks. Wax can be used to cover rough brackets and to protect your mouth until it becomes accustomed to the braces.

Schedule your visit with Burbank orthodontist Dr. Fotovat about these and other recommendations to prepare you for braces.

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