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The radiant smile you’ve always wanted is possible faster and more comfortably than with traditional metal braces. In-Ovation Clear braces, or In-Ovation C, offers a discrete, convenient and painless way to achieve your smile goals.

In-Ovation C braces differ from traditional braces in a number of ways. These are created using translucent ceramic that allows the orthodontics to blend in with your teeth. You are able to maintain a natural-looking smile throughout treatment. Also, the free-sliding technology that In-Ovation C employs is so gentle that you won’t even notice your teeth being corrected. Whereas traditional braces use pressure to move teeth, In-Ovation C provides results without the discomfort.

Self-litigating brackets are used with In-Ovation C, which means a clip is built into the bracket to support the wire. The clip and wire work together to control movements during the process of repositioning your teeth. This differs from traditional braces that use wire or elastic bands to tightly hold the wire and create pressure. Without those uncomfortable methods, there is less pain involved with wearing In-Ovation C braces.

This innovative type of braces was developed for patients of all ages, but adults are especially excited about them. Grownups who have always wanted to improve their smiles but were embarrassed to have a mouth full of metal, or those who already had orthodontic treatment earlier in life but whose teeth have drifted out of alignment, are able to revitalize their smiles with In-Ovation C.

In-Ovation C braces offer faster results than traditional orthodontics. Depending on your case and specific treatment requirements, you may be able to complete treatment months earlier than with other braces. Shorter and fewer appointments are needed as well.

In-Ovation C is a proven system for you to consider when choosing orthodontic treatment. The smile of your dreams is within reach through this cutting-edge technology that provides great results in the shortest time frame and with maximum comfort.

Dr. Fotovat offers In-Ovation braces in his Valley Village orthodontists office

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5445 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

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