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  • While wearing braces can give you a stunning smile, most people don’t look forward to the process. Though the end result might be worth it, braces aren’t a lot of fun. These tips will help you get through your orthodontic treatment like a champ.

    Get the facts

    Find a good orthodontist and have a full evaluation so that you can discover exactly what kind of treatment you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or get more information if something is unclear.

    Review your options

    Though many kids and teens still wear traditional braces, other orthodontic options exist for adult and older teen patients such as self-ligating brackets, clear brackets, and Invisalign clear aligners.

    Follow directions

    Your treatment time will progress on schedule if you wear rubber bands, keep appointments, and completely listen to the orthodontist’s instructions. On the flip slide, you may have to wear the braces even longer if you don’t comply with what the orthodontist says.

    Focus on the goal

    Remember that your time in braces is temporary and has a definite purpose. After treatment, you will achieve a stunning smile that will provide years of enjoyment. Those one or two years in braces will seem like no time at all.

    We care about your smile at our Sherman Oaks, CA orthodontic office – Mehdi Fotovat, DDS.

    Mehdi Fotovat, D.D.S.


    5445 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

    Valley Village, CA 91607

    (818) 980-5300

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