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  • Chances are you’ve probably heard of Invisalign, the clear plastic aligners that straighten your teeth without having to wear traditional metal braces. Their incognito appearance allows you to get the smile you’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice elements of your life. For example, how does Invisalign affect your social life?

    One of the best things about Invisalign is that you can keep living your life as you’re used to doing. Because the aligners are removed for eating and cleaning, you don’t have to alter your diet. If you like eating popcorn at the movies or chowing down on buffalo wings with your friends, you can continue doing those things. Without wires and brackets, you also don’t need to worry about food becoming stuck in your braces. Just brush and floss your teeth normally, and put your aligners back in to continue achieving your new smile.

    Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners will not negatively impact your self-esteem. Your confidence level will get a boost as your smile improves and you don’t have to suffer through the hassles associated with many other kinds of orthodontic treatments.

    Since the aligners are removeable, you reserve the right to take them out for special occasions. You’ll want to wear them for the recommended 20 hours a day for optimum results, but you can remove the aligners for a special party, event, or work function. It’s wonderful to have this option for those most treasured memories.

    Your social life also won’t suffer from having to miss out on things due to orthodontic appointments. Invisalign treatment requires fewer office visits than most other methods, plus there are no painful adjustments that put you out of commission as your mouth gets used to the new treatment. Instead, Invisalign moves your teeth gently and consistently throughout treatment.

    Invisalign transforms smiles for most patients in only about a year. This faster treatment time will get you the end results you desire without having to wait for years to achieve them. With Invisalign, you can transform your smile without harming your social life.

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