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Once you decide to improve your smile with orthodontics, it’s a matter of learning which treatment works best for your lifestyle, budget, and dental problems. Two common methods of orthodontic treatment to choose between are traditional metal braces or clear Invisalign braces. Here is a comparison of some important factors about these types of braces to help you decide which might be right for you.

Traditional metal braces are very noticeable in your mouth. There is pretty much no chance others won’t notice that you’re wearing them. Invisalign consists of clear plastic aligner trays that are practically invisible. One reason that Invisalign is very popular with adults is the fact that they are not noticeable.

The wires and brackets of metal braces may irritate your mouth, so some patients find them uncomfortable. Invisalign trays are made of smooth plastic that rarely causes any discomfort for patients.

One well-known fact about traditional braces is that it is hard to keep them clean. Food can easily become stuck in the wires, and brushing and flossing can be difficult. Also, there are a number of foods that you should avoid eating while wearing metal braces because the brackets can break. On the other hand, removable Invisalign trays allow you to brush and floss normally. Since you don’t wear the trays while eating, there are no diet restrictions.

Although they may not be as attractive or comfortable, traditional braces do a great job of aligning your teeth. They correct teeth that are rotated or crooked, as well as vertically misaligned teeth. They can effectively move teeth to improve your bite and jaw alignment. Invisalign usually has the same outcome as treatment with traditional braces, except in cases of certain problems that aligning trays cannot correct. Invisalign works well on horizontally misaligned teeth, but not as effectively on severely overcrowded or rotated teeth or teeth of varying heights.

Our orthodontists office in Burbank CA offers Invisalign options for teens and adults.

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