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There are a number of reasons that orthodontic treatment is recommended. It’s not always just about the appearance of your smile, but also may involve the function or comfort of your mouth. Here are some of the most common reasons for wearing braces on your teeth.

Teeth crowding
One of the most obvious reasons for braces is to reposition teeth so they don’t overlap or look too crowded. Sometimes it’s necessary to extract teeth or wear other appliances to expand the mouth to better accommodate your teeth.

Teeth gaps
Along the same lines, gaps in the teeth can be corrected with braces so that your smile looks better. Also, your oral hygiene should improve when your teeth are in better positions.

When your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth, it’s called an overbite. Braces can help the jaw to grow together more properly, and realign your teeth and bite. Even in severe cases, early orthodontic treatment may allow a patient to avoid jaw surgery for an overbite.

On the other hand, an underbite is described as the lower teeth protruding out further than the upper ones. This can cause discomfort, uneven teeth wear, and an unattractive appearance. Chewing and smiling will both likely come easier after orthodontic treatment for an underbite.

Sometimes the front teeth don’t touch as they should when you close your mouth, which is called an openbite. This is sometimes related to thumb sucking as a child. Orthodontic treatment can alter the bite and teeth to correct an openbite.

Missing teeth
When teeth are missing as a result of things like disease or trauma, the open space in your smile can allow your remaining teeth to shift inappropriately. Braces can move the existing teeth into the correct location so that then an artificial tooth, such as a dental implant, can be placed to fully restore your smile.


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