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Problems with the alignment of your teeth and jaw may not only bother you about how they look, but also how they function and feel. Some types of orthodontic problems can cause further issues as you age. Consulting an orthodontist for an examination and X-rays will help identify the extent of your problems, and provide recommendations on any treatment to correct the issues. Here is a description of the most common types of orthodontic problems that people face.

Teeth crowding
Crowding of your teeth occurs when your mouth isn’t big enough to fit all of your permanent teeth. This causes your teeth to grow over one another, leading to overlapping. Crowding can cause serious oral health problems because it is difficult to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease are possible outcomes of crowded teeth.

Bite problems
There are various kinds of problems you can have with your bite, which is the way your upper and lower jaws come together. An overbite means that your top teeth cover a large portion of your bottom teeth. An underbite means that your lower jaw has outgrown your upper jaw, causing your bottom teeth to stick out over your top teeth. There’s also a crossbite, which indicates your front or back top teeth fit inside your lower teeth. Overjet is another type of bite problem in which your bottom teeth don’t extend far enough or your upper teeth extend too far, causing your teeth to look protruded. These various bite issues can lead to problems with eating, speech, and tooth wear.

Spacing issues
If you are missing any teeth or have a dental arch that isn’t the right size, you may have spacing issues in your mouth. Incorrect spacing can cause your teeth to shift into the wrong locations, requiring orthodontic treatment.

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