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Braces are a popular and effective way to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, and correct bite problems. Most types are usually worn for about two years depending on each patient’s specific issues. This means that selecting the type of braces you’d like to wear is important, as they will be with you for quite some time. Here are some facts about three common choices in braces.

The image most people come up with when they picture traditional braces, it is the metal type that has been around for many years. Metal brackets are attached to your teeth and then a metal wire is connected through the brackets. This type of treatment is proven to be very effective, but the main complaint is how visible they are. Some patients are self- conscious about having a mouth full of metal braces, which can also be uncomfortable when the wires poke the inside of your mouth or tongue. Special care must be taken to keep metal braces clean, and there are some diet guidelines to help avoid breaking the components.

Sometimes called clear braces, ceramic braces are made from materials that are close in color to your natural teeth. This makes the brackets less noticeable in your smile. The wire or elastics used with ceramic braces can also be in a less visible shade resembling your tooth color. One downside to these clear braces is that they are more breakable than metal braces, so care should be taken with them especially when playing contact sports. Also, ceramic braces are typically pricier than traditional metal braces.

The most expensive of these three options is lingual braces, which are bonded to the back sides of your teeth instead of the fronts. This makes them invisible to others, although they are often less comfortable because your tongue touches them. Lingual braces can take more getting used to than other types of braces, but they are proven to be effective in transforming smiles.


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