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  • When you have space between your teeth, also called diastema, you should consult an orthodontist about the best way to deal with this issue. Though these spaces can occur between any two teeth, they most frequently appear between the two front teeth. A diastema can be caused by a variety of factors such as:

    Missing or undersized teeth
    When certain teeth don’t develop or if the permanent teeth are small, a space can occur. This situation frequently happens with the upper lateral incisors, the teeth next to the two upper front teeth.

    An oversized labial frenum
    The piece of tissue that usually stretches from the inside of your upper lip to the gum just above your two upper front teeth, the labial frenum may sometimes grow past the two front teeth. In this case, the tissue blocks the natural closure of the teeth.

    Certain habits
    Thumb sucking and pacifier use can create additional space, especially between front teeth.

    Periodontal disease
    When gum disease progresses, the results is loss of the bone that supports the teeth, which can make teeth loose and create space.

    Temporary gaps from tooth loss
    As primary teeth fall out and permanent teeth erupt, young children may develop a diastema. These spaces typically close once adult teeth move into their permanent position.

    If you have a diastema, your orthodontist can perform a complete evaluation. After determining the cause of the space, the doctor can devise a treatment plan to close the gap and correct any alignment issues. Once the space is corrected, you should achieve a flawless smile.

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