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  • Don’t you want to spend less time in braces (or invisible aligners) and more time with a beautiful, healthy smile?

    As a leader in cutting-edge orthodontics, Dr. Mehdi Fotovat is proud to offer patients the latest in accelerated treatment with an advanced FDA-approved system called OrthoPulse, a safe and proven technology that is new to the market. If you want to reduce your treatment time up to 50% then OrthoPulse is just what the doctor ordered.

    What is OrthoPulse?
    Using low levels of near-InfraRed light (nIR), OrthoPulse technology stimulates the bone around the root of your teeth to help facilitate tooth movement resulting in shorter treatment times. OrthoPulse is the first device of its kind approved by the FDA for use with both braces and clear aligners.

    Much like light from the sun, nIR light delivers warming energy to the treatment area. This energy is absorbed by your cells and converted so that the body works better with your braces or invisible aligners to more easily and quickly move teeth.

    How does OrthoPulse work?
    The great thing about OrthoPulse is that it does not require more office visits (it will actually result in fewer time in our chairs). Using a soft, easy to use mouthpiece, the patient can self-administer OrthoPulse therapy in just ten minutes a day at home. Progress is then discussed at regular office visits. The app will even remind you to perform your treatment.

    Dr. Fotovat works with each patient to design a comprehensive orthodontic plan with braces or clear aligners and the OrthoPulse system. This is the perfect solution for patients who need a shortened treatment time frame because of an upcoming event, like a wedding.

    The OrthoPulse is portable so it can be used anywhere you have time: at home, the office or on the road while traveling. It features a waterproof silicone mouthpiece that is soft and easy to apply. A rechargeable battery powers the light array that emits a gentle 850nm nIR wavelength light. The device communicates with the app through bluetooth technology allows automatic updates and data monitoring.

    Lean more about OrthoPulse.
    If you’re interested in learning more about accelerated treatment times for braces or clear aligners contact Mehdi Fotovat, DDS about OrthoPulse and we’d be happy to discuss all of the options. Call us, at (818) 980-5300 to set up a complimentary consultation.

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    5445 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

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